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Farvest is a Luxembourg-based marketing and communication agency recognized as a strategic partner by numerous companies and public entities. Since 2000, Farvest has created several large summits including ICT Spring and Space Forum. The agency is also the publisher of numerous digital and print media. Over the years, Farvest has acquired a unique expertise in modelling and promoting communities and events, as well as pioneering initiatives in many sectors. The company creates, informs and entertains professional communities; it also supports clients in developing the visibility and promoting their products & services, through the design of tailored events. 

Through this platform, Farvest offers the possibility for companies to take part in national – and international - competitions. These specific gatherings reward outstanding initiatives, targeted projects and individuals.

For more information about the agency, please visit: www.farvest.com

And welcome to Farvest’ Awards platform !

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Luxembourg HR Awards 2022

February 15, 2023
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Register as a jury member for the Luxembourg HR Awards 2022 before February 15th and begin to vote as of February 20th

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